Who Plays The Voice Of Zuma From Paw Patrol?


Is Zuma a girl or a boy?

Zuma is one of the main protagonists in the TV series PAW Patrol. He is a male Chocolate Labrador pup and the water rescuer of the PAW Patrol.

Did the voices change on Paw Patrol?

He is voiced by Devan Cohen from 2013 through 2019, and by Keegan Hedley from 2019 onward. They started by changing Rocky and that was bad enough.

Who is the voice of Owlette in PJ masks?

Addison Holley is the current voice actress of Owlette /Amaya in the American and Canadian versions of PJ Masks.

Why is Zuma number 7?

Although Zuma appears to be the 7th member of the PAW Patrol (hence the # 7 on his hovercraft), Rubble was actually the 7th member of the PAW Patrol.

Is Skye the only girl on Paw Patrol?

Gender. During the first season and a half, only one of the seven Paw Patrol team members is female. Despite being a helicopter pilot, the female character Skye takes on a traditional feminine appearance. The only other main female character is Adventure Bay Mayor Goodway.

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Does Ryder have parents?

Ryder’s parents have never been seen, heard or mentioned. However, according to an October 2016 PAW Patrol News Twitter response, Ryder’s parents are indeed “around”, but they intend to keep the show focused on him and the pups.

What type of dog is Rocky?

Rocky (Mongrel) Zuma (Chocolate Labrador Retriever)

Who is the oldest pup in Paw Patrol?

At eight years old, Everest is the oldest pup in the series.

How old is Katie from Paw Patrol?

While we never learn their ages, Ryder and Katie can’t be older than 15 years old, tops. Why aren’t they ever in school?

How old is Ryder from Paw Patrol?

Ryder is a 10-year- old boy who runs the Lookout and serves as the leader of the other PAW Patrol Live! characters. Ryder adopted each of the puppies and trained them to be a part of PAW Patrol.

Who is Addison Holley married to?

Addison Holley Quick Facts

Name Addison Holley
Weight 57 KG
Instagram @addisonholley
Married No
Boyfriend No

Who is Armadylan in the daytime?

Armadylan (real name: Dylan), is one of the supporting characters, an anti-hero and anti-villain of the PJ Masks television series. Armadylan.

Armadylan (Dylan)
Occupation Superhero Anti-Villain Crimefighter
Gender Male
Continuity Cartoon Continuity


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