Question: When Is Paw Patrol Supposed To Be At Yatesville Lake In Louisa Kentucky?


Can you swim Yatesville Lake?

Plenty to do here, swimming,hiking and all kinds of things. Close to the lake and dam.

Does Yatesville Lake have a beach?

A public beach area equipped with playgrounds, restrooms showers, and a snack bar is located near the marina. The picnic pavilion at Yatesville Lake includes two picnic shelters, a playground area, volleyball, grill, water, and a lakeside setting.

How big is Yatesville?

The serpentine reservoir it creates, Yatesville Lake, has a normal water surface of 3.5 square miles, a maximum capacity of 83,300 acre-feet, and a normal capacity of 63,000 acre-feet. The maximum depth of the lake is 60 feet with an average mean depth of 17.7 feet.

Where is Yatesville Lake in Kentucky?

Yatesville Lake State Park in Kentucky is a recreational facility in the eastern part of the commonwealth, close to the town of Louisa, Kentucky in Lawrence County.

Yatesville Lake State Park
Coordinates 38°05′06″N 82°41′11″WCoordinates: 38°05′06″N 82°41′11″W
Elevation 778 ft (237 m)
Established 1992

Can you swim at Paintsville Lake?

Swimming is prohibited at the dam and within 100 feet of the intake structure (the concrete tower near the dam). Swimming is also prohibited at boat launching ramps. Cliff diving and jumping from cliffs at Paintsville Lake is PROHIBITED.

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What is in Louisa KY?

Tourist Information Attractions in Louisa, KY

  • Legend Outfitters Outpost. Tourist Information & AttractionsPlaces Of Interest.
  • Painted Cow Gallery.
  • Fred M Vinson Museum-Welcome.
  • Yatesville Lake State Park.
  • Silo Golf Course.
  • The Grayson Area Tourism Commission.
  • I-64 Tourist Information Center.
  • Old Main Emporium.

Is Yatesville Lake open?

Open mid-March through mid-November. An ADA-compliant fishing jetty and lagoon may be found at the marina, which has a terrific boat dock and a store that sells gas, groceries, bait, fishing equipment, and souvenirs. A Kentucky Fishing License is required.

What county is Cave Run Lake in?

Cave Run Lake is located within the scenic Eastern Highlands region of Kentucky in Bath, Rowan, Morgan, and Menifee counties.

How many acres is Yatesville Lake?

WMA is 13,191 acres, Yatesville Lake is 2,171 acres. Contact: (606) 686-3312; COE office (606) 686- 2412 Elevation: minimum 585 feet, maximum 1046 feet.

How many acres is Grayson Lake?

Grayson Lake is a 1,512- acre lake with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish.

How many acres is Yatesville Lake in Kentucky?

Yatesville Lake State Park is a 2,300- acre mountain reservoir known for some of the best fishing opportunities in the region, with bluegill, crappie, and bass.

What county is Green River Lake in Kentucky?

Green River Lake State Park is a park located near Campbellsville, Kentucky in Taylor County. The park itself encompasses 1,331 acres (5.39 km2), while Green River Lake, its major feature, covers approximately 8,200 acres (3,318 ha).

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